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  • Flagging

    AFTC only provides flaggers who are certified in the techniques of traffic control, and who have passed a training course taught by one of AFTC’s certified trainers. All certified Trainers have received extensive technical training Provided by the Association of General Contractors, and MUTCD, in compliance with the regulations set forth by the Department of Transportation in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

    Some of the topics discussed include: Functions & Responsibility, Day Time/Night, Time Traffic Control, Tools, Procedures with Flags-Paddles, Sign Placement, Safety, The Do’s and Don’ts, and Public Relations. In addition to class room training all flaggers, also receive additional on-the-job training from a certified trainers.

  • Training


    This workshop is designed to train participants to be effective flaggers by teaching the basics of
    flagging operations and procedures. The 4 hour Workshops can be presented in-house or off site.
    The following topics are covered in this course: introduction to traffic safety and the flagging
    profession, flagging standards, flagger qualifications, flagger equipment, proper flagging
    procedures, and special situations. The course is based on applicable sections of the MUTCD
    Manual, and The State of Massachusetts Flagging procedure standards.

    • Introduction to Traffic Safety and the Flagging Profession
    • Flagger: An Important Profession
    • Flagging Standards (applicable sections of the MUTCD, and MA Law)
    • Flagger Qualifications
    • Video Presentation (Vermont Agency of Transportation)
    • Flagger Equipment
    • PPE Equipment (Applicable to the State of MA)
    • Proper Flagging Procedures
    • Special Situations (Pedestrian, Emergency Vehicles, Etc).
    • Examination
    • Review of Exam
    • Distribution of Certification Cards
    • Parking Lot Simulation

    Each student will receive the following:

    • Massachusetts Highway Work Zone Safety Guidelines
    • Extensive Training in accordance with the Massachusetts 701 CMR-7
    • Material From The Manual Of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)
    • Student Workbook
    • Certification Exam (50 Questions)
    • Certification Card
    • The Do’s and Don’ts Flaggers Reference Card

  • MOT

    At AFTC we offer complete traffic management solutions. From the installation of fixed signs to placement and recovery of traffic channeling devices we can exceed your expectations of excellence. Our highly skilled employees are well versed in the proper installation height, spacing, support structure, and required materials for roadway safety signs. Our traffic management crews can create a safe stable traffic pattern in any roadway configuration, creating a safe, efficient and comfortable work zone for your employees.

    AFTC’s crews arrive prepared to professionally establish the work zone, provide flagging services and tear it down at the end of the day. Each crew has received additional training to ensure that your jobsite is a safe work zone.

    • Clean company owned work trucks
    • Advanced warning signs, stands, cones, radios, etc.- if your work zone requires it, we’ll have it on the truck.
    • Professional jobsite safety survey and evaluation by our trained staff upon request.

  • Traffic Plans


    We can design a traffic control plan (TCP) for any class road including Interstates and highways.

    Our computerized traffic control plans are clear, legible, precise,
    And detailed. They meet the high standards set by the Manual on Uniform
    Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and other public agencies throughout
    The country.